The 2017 annual "Leading Change Award" is proudly presented by GCI Worldwide Corporation to an Extraordinary Woman Leader, who is the premiere example of the impact that one woman leading change can make in the community. It is with great pride and honor that this award is presented to an exceptional leader for not only ascending in her leadership role within her company and career, but for lifting up other women and helping them to achieve their leadership aspirations. It is an award given in celebration of a woman leader who sets a higher standard of what is possible for women to accomplish; blazing new trails for others to follow. We congratulate Pamela Rauch, Vice-President of External affairs & Economic Development for FPL, for being honored as the 2017 Leading Change Award Winner!
GCI Worldwide Corporation is proud to present for the first time The "Difference Maker Award." This prestigious award is presented to a leader that is impacting the community on the non-profit sector. An amazing leader that has dedicated her heart and soul to make a difference for a cause that ultimately has made a major impact in the community at large. This year the leader selected to receive this honor is Aggie Pappas, Founding Executive Director of PACE Center for Girls, who have invested countless hours above and beyond her duties, to transform the lives of under privileged girls and their families. Her relentless commitment to offer girls a new destiny; allowed her to open the doors of PACE Center for girls when the organization first started its work in Broward 25 years ago. We congratulation Aggie for this one of a kind achievement!
Each year, GCI Worldwide Corporation proudly presents the "Spark Award" to an exceptional leader who previously attended the Conference and following that, took the steps necessary to ascend in their leadership roles. The award is given in recognition and celebration of those women who have sparked change in their careers, businesses, and community. They embraced the wisdom, knowdlege, and stategies that were shared with them in past EWLC conferences and took immediate action. These women embody the true spirit of this movement of women leaders who are changing the world one company at a time. We congratulate Ana Ribeiro, President & CEO of Workforce Dynamics Consulting for achieving great success!
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