Assessment as a tool for evaluation

  • Have you ever hired someone that you were really excited about, just to find out after they started working that they either didn’t have the skill set or the attitude you were expecting from them, based on your initial interviews?
  • Have you ever felt duped in some way when the individual you thought to be an amazing, the one that seemed to be the perfect fit for your company culture becomes the “transformer” and act like a completely different person, unable to achieve the level of performance you expected?
  • Have you ever invested capital in training an employee (or many) that actually was (were) not the right person (people) for the job, and therefore it didn’t matter how much training that person (people) received they would never become the super star you always wanted?
  • Do you know how expensive it is to hire the wrong candidate? Promote an undeserving one? Or to have to fire someone that just doesn’t do what they were supposed to because they were placed in the wrong department and nobody quite gets it?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to use a few tools to help you to make a more effective decision and identify your candidates faster and with more precision?
  • We can help you! We have the right assessments to support you in taking your ability to hire, promote and improve employee performance to the next level!
    Assessments are very important. Studies show that companies that screen candidates properly using assessments to reveal main Behavioral patterns or skill sets have a much higher chance to hire the ideal candidate, promote the right personnel or support team members to improve performance. We have the tools to support you in achieving your goals.

    Evaluation for employment

    It’s very hard to predict with total certainty, based on a conversation through an interview or two, what are the real behavioral trends and skill set of the candidate being interviewed for a position. With the outcome of getting a job, many times candidates do whatever they can to convince the interviewer that they are the right fit for the job, even if they aren't.

    Sometimes they are so well trained for those interviews, that they even know what the expected answers to the questions they are being asked are. To impress the interviewer, without hesitation they provide the expected answers. Not only that, but also many times they present an over inflated resume with skills and experiences they don’t always posses, or at least not at the level that they described in their resumes.

    Some people believe that their resume is just a tool to put them in front of the decision maker, therefore some people tend to make their resumes very attractive, regardless if the content in it is real or not. Now, how do you identify the real McCoy from the fake ones?

    Hiring is a very expensive job, let alone if you get the wrong candidate. It costs a company more than time to train; it costs them the consequences of being unable to fulfill the position with the right candidate. The one that could get the job done right the first time. The candidate that doesn’t have the appropriate profile for the job will be unable to perform at the level the company needs, in order to achieve goals. And if it doesn’t work then the firing process is another expensive job a company has to pay for.

    That’s why a deeper evaluation is always important. We have a range of assessments to support you in evaluating your candidates and being able to make the right decision when hiring. It will save you and your company thousands of dollars as well as it will help to improve productivity by having the right fit for the job!

    Promoting or improving performance

    In order to better utilize their internal assets, some companies choose to promote from within, giving an opportunity to employees to develop their career path within the company. This opportunity gives employees a sense of recognition and a possibility to prosper. It’s a win-win experience because the company has a chance to capitalize on the investment they have already made on their human resources.

    When making a decision either to promote or to develop people, assessments can help to:

  • Identify the behavioral trends
  • Pinpoint the skill set each individual possess
  • Compare effectiveness ratings
  • Better understand individual’s driven forces and values
  • Analyze competencies and areas for improvement
  • Measure levels of emotional intelligence
  • By clarifying the facts above it becomes much easier for a company to identify the ideal candidate for promotion, as well as potential needs for improvement. We have a variety of assessments that range from measuring Behavioral trends, Skill Sets, communication skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, sales skills, etc. Let us help you to be informed in making the best choices for your candidates.

    How can we help you?

    We can work with you to identify:

    • the skill set your candidate needs to perform the job efficiently
    • the tendencies and behavior patterns your candidate needs to fit the company culture
    • the ideal assessments to have each candidate take, to gather relevant information from them

    We also support you in:

    • interpreting the results of the assessments
    • understanding graphs and analytical data (when applicable)
    • matching the candidate’s profile with the “ideal candidate profile” you want
    • identifying what are the most suitable candidate for promotion
    • identify what areas your employees need development to improve performance
    • offering solutions to help to improve employees performance

    How to request more information?

    We applaud your willingness to learn more about how to use our assessments! That’s the beginning of a journey of transforming your goals into reality. Congratulations! We are looking forward to provide you all the information you need, so you can make a decision to acquire the appropriate assessments to your team members and take your company's result to the next level!

    In order for us to provide you with the appropriate information about the assessment that is right for you, please let us know a little more about you. Click the button below and let us know what is (are) the area(s) you are interested in improving, so we can identify what’s the best format to support you and serve you properly.

    Once we receive your request we will be glad to contact you to share ideas and to put together an action plan that better fits your needs and your budget. Using assessments will not only improve your ability to make educated decisions but will also improve the quality of your team's performance and accelerate the pace of your success!

    We couldn’t be more thrilled for you! We know that choosing to elect assessments as evaluation tools will streamline your process of selecting the ideal candidates for the most suitable positions. You have understood that you can raise the bar for what’s possible for you and your team to accomplish! Congratulations!

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