September 13 - 15, 2018 Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa - Ft. Lauderdale
Leadership Development Program
“ Courage to Change “
An integrity based approach to elevate you as a leader and your company’s level of productivity, performance and profitability
You will learn how to be able to:
1. Clarify the expectations you have for yourself and expand your identity as a leader – Discover how expanding your thoughts, values, and expectations you can lead authentically and feel more fulfilled as a person and a leader.
2. Grow your confidence, expand your muscle of courage and dare to be bolder – Unleash a next level of courage within you so you allow bigger and/or bolder goals to emerge from your inner wisdom.
3. Create a vision for yourself that will impact humanity and have the audacity to pursue it – Discover how you can increase your vision and really be audacious in expanding what is possible for you, your company and others to experience in life.
4. Negotiate with yourself and with the world to pave your way to your next level – Be more, get more and enjoy thinking differently about how to ask yourself what you want from life, self, clients, co-workers and anyone else.
5. Build strategic alliances to accelerate the pace of increasing profitability – Develop deeper and successful strategic alliances with other leaders to grow your business in a speed of light and have fun in the process.
Leadership Development Program
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