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7th Annual Leadership Conference 

It is a ground breaking Movement of Top Leaders that are changing the world one company at a time. It is an opportunity for top CEOs, Presidents of companies, high level Entrepreneurs

and Executives to share thought provoking ideas with the audience, to help them to lead positive change in their companies and lives. They will also share their personal stories and the impact of their choices and decisions on the level of success they enjoy now.

Join a group of Extraordinary Top Executives from different backgrounds and industries, for a day of strategies, thought-provoking ideas, inspiration, networking and development of strategic alliances to help your company to embrace a new perspective in leading change, grow profitability and make a bigger positive impact in the community! 

Get advice from wise and successful leaders to support you in taking your leadership skills to a whole new level!

Develop relationships with other powerful leaders as you have fun in the process! 

Support our community by getting involved as part of the proceeds will benefit the Pace Center for Girls

Get ready to experience a phenomenal leadership conference!

Be inspired as you receive strategies and insight that will expose you to ways to impact your career, your company and your life!


  • Strategies to position yourself as an influential thought leader
  • Gender inclusion: how to use it as a powerful tool to increase profitability
  • Defining moments that allowed executives to win over adversity and rise to the top



  • High level male and female executives sharing their perspectives on the benefits of diversity in the C-Suite
  • Ways to position yourself and your team to advance to the next level

7th Annual Leadership Conference

“Extraordinary Women Leading Change”

Where: Miami , Florida

When: October 2019


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