What is the  Gender Inclusion Movement?


The Gender Inclusion Movement propels collaboration in the C-Suite and every other leadership level of the command chain. It proposes that both men and women shift their perspectives on the roles each one plays in leading change:

1. Men need to include more women to participate in higher-level leadership roles.

2. Women need to get prepared to accept or ask for such opportunities.

3. Both men and women need to pay it forward.

Each one has a different way to lead and deliver results. The cooperation of strategy, approach and philosophy can significantly improve profitability, while improving the quality of communication and relationship between genders.

Why Join the Movement?

Because women represent 50% of the population and still are under represented in high level leadership positions in corporations, government and other organizations. It is important that women can achieve recognition, compensation and opportunity the same way men does. Plus there are other reasons:

Financial growth for all:

Research shows companies and boards that have gender inclusion perform better and become more profitable than the ones that don’t have gender diversity, specially in leadership roles. Companies can be more profitable and families can be better off when both men and women can have equal higher-level compensation.

Talent not gender defines a leader:

Preparing both genders to ascend and lead in our challenging and demanding fast paced world is crucial to inspire the young generation. They can then realize that their gifts and inner talents should be guiding them to the path they should pursue in life and career, not their gender.

Social Responsibility:

It is our duty and obligation to evolve as human beings and do the right thing to create an even more moral and ethical society. This evolution calls for higher levels of mutual respect and understanding of each other’s values and contributions. To focus on gender inclusion in leadership embraces this advanced culture.

Celebration of gender:

Women bring to the table unique qualities such as high level of: emotional intelligence, flexibility, and a fresh perspective in life. Differences between genders were created to compliment each other not to divide or exclude each other.

How does it work?

We have created a platform that has been engaging CEOs, C-Suite members, Entrepreneurs and other high level Executives and leaders as we:



Leaders of all industries about the facts surrounding leadership roles and gender inclusion specially in high levels (Fortune 500, entrepreneurial companies, government and all other organizations).


Heads of organizations both Corporate and Entrepreneurial to get involved in this movement and start discovering ways that they can impact their organizations by changing culture and behaviors in favor of gender inclusion;.



leaders through supporting them in implementing strategic action.

EWLC Platform: A Space for Education, Engagement & Business Growth  

EWLC Leadership Conference

This conference brings executives and leaders from all backgrounds and industries together, for a day of strategies, thought provoking ideas, networking and meeting powerful connections to grow your own network and business.  Join our movement to learn about our upcoming Fall 2022 /10th Annual Leadership Conference Click Here.

EWLC & South Florida Business Journal Partnership

Through our partnership with the South Florida Business Journal, we publish multiple supplements throughout the year to bring awareness about leadership issues and solutions, as well as gender inclusion education. The supplements are published alongside important events such as the Ultimate CEO edition, The Influential Business Women Celebration among other important SFBJ editions. See an example here. 

CEO Roundtable Events

GCI Worldwide Corporation in partnership with the South Florida Business Journal have presented multiple CEO Round Tables and Executive Panels to discuss leadership and gender inclusion matters, featuring important leaders in our community. See an example by clicking here. 


EWLC VIP Photoshoot

For years we have invited our Extraordinary Leaders including Board Members, Partners, Sponsors, and other VIP guests, to take part in our VIP photoshoot. This is an opportunity for our community of top leaders to celebrate the gender inclusion movement and to network, developing meaningful relationships. The photos taken have multiple purposes, including become the cover of our annual EWLC supplement.

Pace Center for Girls leaders
Pace Center for Girls
Pace Center for Girls
Pace Girls at Conference

EWLC movement has been benefiting PACE Center for Girls for the past 10 years through multiple avenues:

  • Providing funds so that they can continue their mission of providing girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training, and advocacy.
  • Developing and delivering year-long mentorship program which provided guidance and direction from  local leaders many of which are EWLC Board members.
  • Supporting the PACE Center for Girls staff by creating and delivering a leadership program for them.

  • Organizing and presenting the EWLC Leadership Summit for Girls which provides the girls access to top leaders from many different professions and industries.

    This access intends to become a bridge for them when entering the job market.

  • Donating scholarships for the girls and staff to attend the  EWLC Leadership Conference every year since its inception.
Pace Center for Girls

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