Extraordinary Women Leading Changer Leadership Conference

Congratulations for registering for our 10th Annual Leadership Conference!

We are thrilled that you have registered to attend our 10th Annual Leadership Conference, “Extraordinary Women Leading Change!” We honor you for taking action and for your interest in elevating your leadership skills!

Get ready to join and network with other executives, entrepreneurs and high level professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries.

You will hear from top leaders in our community who will share strategies, thought provoking ideas, and personal stories that will inspire and support you in taking your results to the next level!


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Be ready for a day of change, transformation and business growth!
We are looking forward to greeting you on December 5th & 6th.
Welcome to your next level! 

Giselle Cheminand

President & CEO
GCI Worldwide Corporation,
Founder of the EWLC Movement

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