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We are thrilled you are interested in getting involved with our Extraordinary Women Leading Change (EWLC) Movement and Leadership Conferences. By getting involved you are an integral part of achieving the goals and mission of our EWLC Movement.

We recognize the positive impact that you can make in helping us to elevate women to higher leadership positions propelling them for growth and advancement. Our movement focuses on cooperation and gender inclusion in the C-Suite and other leadership roles in companies of all sizes and industries. 

Research shows that companies that have gender inclusiveness thrive and have higher profitability. Please take the time to review and acknowledge the various opportunities listed below for you to get involved:

Opportunities to get Involved!

Extraordinary Women Leading Changer Leadership Conference

Conference Attendee

You will be able to connect with other leaders, network, learn from amazing panelists and speakers, as well as interact with other participants and be able to develop your skills as a leader, bring ideas to implement in your company, join the conversation about gender inclusion, create connections that will allow you to grow and so much more.


Ian Tatcher


As an Ambassador you become part of the EWLC Movement. You are representing our Movement to the community at large. You embody the values gender inclusion represents and you become an active partner with EWLC. As part of this role you will engage others to participate and will share our mission with them.


leadership club

Executive Board Member

Our EWLC Executive Board is integral to achieving the goals and mission of EWLC.  Our Board is composed of strong leaders who believe in the importance of our mission. They are committed to support our efforts to create gender inclusion in the C-Suite and in all levels of the hierarchy of organizations. 

Sponsor / Partner

You will have the opportunity to market your services or products to our audience and the level of benefits will be determined by the package level you choose. As a sponsor you can support our mission, while receiving brand exposure and personal contact with our audience of leaders. Opportunities to sponsor and partner varies, so reach out to us if you are interested in helping our mission while growing your business.


leadership club

Leadership Club Member

The Leadership Club is a virtual community of leaders who want to stay connected with one another, and where they can learn strategies to develop their leadership skills, increase their ability to network, grow business, stay relevant and/or ascend in their careers. This is a brand-new initiative we started and to participate you can join when we have openings. Next opportunity to join is at our upcoming EWLC Leadership Conference.

Extraordinary Women Leading Changer Leadership Conference

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Members are by recommendation only. This is a Board composed of CEOs and has the function of helping us to advise, strategize and define the future of our mission. 

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