Abby Melone

President & CEO

Capital Analytics

Abby Melone, the visionary Founder, President & CEO of Capital Analytics, is helping drive the business world with her dynamic approach to economic research, high-level networking, and cutting-edge digital content. At the helm of Capital Analytics, Melone and her team produce annual economic research reports, host leadership summits, and create innovative digital content through their trailblazing video and podcast series, Invest:Insights. These resources, informed by one-on-one discussions with over 200 top CEOs in each of the company’s markets annually, serve as a beacon to investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Expanding Horizons: With her eyes set on the future, Melone, a  Rutgers University-New Brunswick graduate, is propelling Capital Analytics toward new heights. Currently covering 20 U.S. metro areas, the company is primed for an aggressive expansion in 2024, promising an even broader reach and deeper insights into the economic landscape. Her unique ability to identify markets for growth, nurture strategic partnerships, and build effective teams have been the foundation of her success.

Leading Business Discourse: Capital Analytics’ annual leadership events, led by Melone, attract hundreds of local business leaders, breathing life into the wealth of data Capital Analytics generates. These gatherings serve as vibrant forums where the sharpest minds address key market challenges and stimulate high-level discussions on enhancing economic development and resilience. Melone doesn’t just talk about change; she leads the way in making it happen.

A Speaker of Influence: Melone’s dynamic presence isn’t limited to the boardroom; she’s also a seasoned speaker and panelist who has graced stages in over 10 countries. She has shared the spotlight with world leaders, including Panamanian President Nicolas Barletta and Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Angela Holguin, to name a few.


A Champion for Women, Girls and Rare Diseases: Beyond the business world, Melone is deeply committed to improving the lives of women, girls and those in the rare disease space. As a current board member of ISMRD, former Board Member of Miami-Dade’s The Women’s Fund and a deacon at First Miami Presbyterian Church, she’s making a lasting impact in her community. Melone is also a competitive ballroom dancer and a proud mother to her 4-year-old daughter born with a rare genetic disorder, proving that she truly embraces every facet of life.

Accolades: Melone’s dedication and accomplishments have earned her numerous accolades, including the Corporate Triumph from the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and an official certificate of appreciation from Miami-Dade County.

Melone continues to influence the business world as an in-demand keynote speaker, moderator, and panelist at various prestigious events, sharing her wisdom and insights with diverse audiences.