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This is a Space for Education, Engagement & Growth, learn more about all of our upcoming events, conferences & seminars. 

Post Conference Leadership Influence Series

leadership club

The Leadership Club

Together we will be helping leaders to connect, lead, grow, ascend in their careers, start a business and so much more all year round! It all starts with you, with your progress and your results and goals!

Influence for Closing Sales

4-Day Seminar

With you in mind, we developed an outstanding Training Program to create an impact on the way you do business, close sales, influence yourself and the people around you!  

Influence for Closing Sales Seminar

Executive Coaching


If your focus is to be a leader of excellence, you need to stretch your capabilities. You need to strive for greatness. The greatest leaders in history, as well as the ones not as famous, have chosen to consult with coaches to accelerate their pace of success. 

Courage to Change

3-Day Breakthrough Seminar 

An integrity based approach to elevate you as a leader and your company’s level of productivity, performance and profitability.

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