“Influence for

closing sales”

4- Day Seminar 

Lead by Giselle Cheminand 

With you in mind, we developed an outstanding Training Program to create an impact on the way you do business, close sales, influence yourself and the people around you! 

Are you ready to take your Sales Results to the next level?

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Through the Influence for Closing Sales Seminar , you will learn how to:

  • Raise your Sales skills to a whole new level;

  • Become a more effective communicator and develop relationships that can turn into business more often;

  • Influence prospects through an effective sales process and gain their commitment to buy;

  • Understand your internal resources (conscious and unconscious) and create behavioral change where needed
  • Succeed in today’s competitive market place;
  • Move from handling objections to providing certainty to the client, leading to a win-win negotiation;
  • Upgrade your business philosophy and lead the way through excellence, as you increase your income or revenue.

Day 1

The Power of Influence



Have you ever wished you could be able to close more deals, or waste less opportunities to close, by becoming a better influencer?

Now it’s your time to make that shift. Now it’s your time to learn how to avoid a series of negative emotions such as frustrations, disappointments and discouragement and become a better influencer and deal maker! That is what you will learn on day 1 of Influence for closing sales.

Day 2

Presentations that Sell


Have you ever felt like you could present and sell better if you  knew some other ways to present, grow relationships as you sell your services and products, and feel great about it?

If you are a Sales Professional, an Entrepreneur, a Consultant, a Network Marketer, or simply a professional from any field that uses presentations as a tool to sell your products and services and  you are having a challenge in selling your ideas, services or products, at the pace you expect, I have great news! You just found a source that can guide you through the process of how to change this reality! That is what you will learn on day 2 of Influence for closing sales.

Day 3

Strategic Negotiation


Did you know that most negotiations that don’t lead to a closing usually happen because of the inefficient communication strategy utilized by one party or another? Or both?

Now it’s your time to make that shift. Now it’s your time to learn how to use the power of strategy in negotiation to create the results you want, become a better negotiator and close more deals! That is what you will learn on day 3 of Influence for closing sales.

Day 4

Successful Closing 

Have you discovered how to use speed of implementation as a tool to close more deals or are you struggling with sales processes that last a lifetime?

Now it’s your time to learn how to use powerful closing techniques, increase your closing ratio, overcome any confidence issues and raise the bar for what’s possible for you to achieve, accelerating your ability to close more deals! That is what you will learn on day 4 of Influence for closing sales.


Giselle Cheminand


President & CEO,

GCI Worldwide Corporation

Founder of the Leadership Club & EWLC Movement

Giselle Cheminand is the President and CEO of GCI Worldwide Corporation. She has coached and consulted Executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, serving clients such as Mass Mutual, FedEx, Embraer, Tenet Health Corporation, Walgreens, Banco do Brasil, among many others. She has trained numerous blue-chip corporations nationally and internationally. She has carved a niche in the business world, working with corporations, executives and entrepreneurs, coaching them to enhance their leadership skills, make a difference, develop their talents, advance their careers and tap into their profit-earning potential.

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