I came to the CTC with no expectation of real change. I was even a bit reluctant because I was so busy and had too many responsibilities going on. But the Leadership Program was amazing! It helped me re-connect with the essence of who I am. It helped me clear my mind to stop, think and dream about the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead.

Giselle is an amazing leader who is a master in taking people to places they have been afraid to explore. She is loving, strong, nurturing and provide us the safe place to feel able to open our souls and truly explore the possibilities of a bright future. I truly recommend it!

Elizabeth Perez

Attorney, Broad and Cassel

Despite the challenge of having to travel from Brazil between two other trips to participate in the “Courage to Change” Seminar, I am very grateful with the results I got.

I was able to work on my personal and professional development simultaneously, I gained tools to improve decision-making, tools to define goals and communicate them with clarity, among other things. Above all, it was a wonderful experience; it was fun, inspirational, liberating, powerful and life changing. It was worth every second!

Simone Starec

Director ,Service Sales, Cisco Systems

I came into this seminar thinking, “What could possibly keep me engaged for three whole days?” now I can’t believe how quickly the three days went by.

This experience was so worth it! I now have clarity on specific goals I set for myself and I am eager to achieve them.

Giselle is a genuine caring person who knows how to help professionals get to the next level in their lives. I also really enjoyed working with the other members in the group and learning from them. This is truly an awesome experience!

Connie Chiara

President & CEO, Corporate Benefits Partner

An empowering self-discovery process among a group of highly accomplished leaders. Three days of introspection and conversations that bring about clarity and simple but powerful tools to transform your life and shred negative behavior.

We were provided with many strategies to clear the “fog” and find/discover what is most important in our life professionally, personally and spiritually.

Lisa Goetz

Attorney / Partner, Gonzalez and Goetz

When I came to CTC I expected to walk out with knowing my next steps in business, my direction clearly defined and to “climb the ladder” quickly.

Reflecting upon the 3 days I realized it was me that needed to be worked on, I learned how to acknowledge myself, recognize that I needed to take the next step in my ever amazing journey.

Without attending this leadership program I would never be able to grow with a new and fresh perspective of myself and my career path. Thank you Giselle for being such a great leader!

Tracy Wallach

Senior meeting Planner, JM Family

The CTC seminar was amazing! It was insightful, empowering and I can say a rebirth! I accomplished more in three days of the seminar than I have in the last 10 years!

Giselle’s ability to lead a person out of the chaos of cloudy thoughts and confusion to clarity and action in incredible! It has enabled me to be my best! 

Each part of the seminar brought value as a building being built or reconstructed; all leading to a powerful result, a process of evolution within one’s self. It surpassed all my expectations!

Michelle Kent

SR. Account Executive, Brown & Brown Insurance

I had reservations at first however I chose to make a decision to invest in me, to progress and move forward in my career and life.

This is the perfect seminar to help you gain clarity. During this 3-day breakthrough seminar I was able to find clarity on things that had previously weighed me down and caused me avoid taking actions because of fear.

I now have confidence to speak up and take more risks. Giselle leads this course with such energy, compassion and knowledge, I would recommend this course to anyone who needs an extra boost in their professional or personal life.

Pilar Portela

US Media Relations, Business Wire

The “Courage to Change” is a transformational leadership experience…

I went from conflict to peace… from scarcity to abundance… from emotional reaction to intelligent response.

I can live my life as a leader on my own terms now and that makes my heart sing!

Jamie Finizio

Partner and Attorney, The Law Office of Jamie Finizio

I initially had reservations as I was worried about dedicating the time, but I saw some of the content that would be shared and I thought it was worth investing in. I had experienced previous events led by Giselle Cheminand and knew her quality of work, so I knew if it was valued at this price it most definitely would deliver beyond expectations.

I just made the decision to find time to make it possible and I was ready for change. Through this amazing seminar I was able to uncover patterns that will help me make changes that are needed in order to navigate the next level of my career; I have also gained the courage to take-action due to a heightened level of awareness.

I have learned how to be more flexible in other areas of my life and seeing the need to do what I do from a place of love and not fear. I am so glad I took this opportunity to invest in myself and now have the courage and motivation to do everything from a positive place. I couldn’t ask for more, it was a beautiful experience all together.

Tayo Ishola

Founder, Eldo Swimwear, Wonder Woman Initiative, & Gem Talent Agency

It was very exciting to register as I saw this as a great way to change how I look at my professional and personal life. I walked into the course feeling depressed and without clear purpose in my life.

Now it’s clear to me that I have a lot to give and I feel much happier as if a weight has been lifted from me.

In 3 days with Giselle’s guidance, I was able learn how to let go and believe in myself. I can‘t say enough about this course; I feel so energized now to make my goals a reality. Giselle’s engagement and passion throughout the entire course really helped me to open up and break through some of my fears.

I’m now letting go of things I can’t change and focusing on the positives instead. I’m believing in myself and the fact that I’m ready for the next challenge in my life!

Marianne Spelling

Senior Collection Manager, Cisco Systems

It was such a pleasure to attend the Courage to Change seminar and receive invaluable guidance for every aspect of my life and career.

The seminar was amazing and very eye opening! I enjoyed the powerful energy, the opportunity to understand my thoughts and feelings and gain amazing knowledge. All three days were equally engaging and I can say everything was outstanding!

I am now in charge of my life and will continue to follow through with the action plan I have designed at the seminar.  I look forward to continue building strong leadership skills with Giselle’s guidance as I have engaged in one of her Mastermind Programs! I highly recommend it!

Tarja Stephens

Chief business Development Officer, MAKINEN, INC.

Courage to Change 3-Day Breakthrough Seminar