I found the Influence for closing sales 4 -day seminar very beneficial , I received a lot of good  instructions that changed my perspective on networking and how to engage and create business relationships.

Through this seminar I feel I have more confidence towards myself worth and value , I have also learned   that I need to allow others to speak and I listen more. This skill will help me  to be more confident when approaching clients regarding my experience and knowledge and also create better relationships by listening more and following up. 

The content that Giselle presented was wonderful , and was only enhanced by her ability to present it  with such infectious enthusiasm.

Vanesa Guerra

SR Tax Manager, Daszkal Bolton

It is not an exaggeration to say that this seminar is one of the greatest investments that a person can do for him or herself. I learned the importance of putting myself in other people’s shoes. The best skill I acquired that I can honestly say I will be using every day in my professional and personal life is to pay more attention how I am communicating with people and focus on my strategy of speaking.

I really appreciated the energy and manor of which Gisele conducts her seminars.

Joao Paulo Da Silva

Founder, USA Workers Corporation

The seminar helped me to understand behaviors better, both my own and those of others. It opened my eyes to what strategies are effective and why they work.

Some of the most important take-aways I received from this seminar would have to be the knowledge that Preparation is critical to a successful transaction. Preparation includes anticipating concerns and having information to respond to those concerns, crafting questions that will allow the other person to think more objectively about the situation, and most importantly for me, preparation involves having a positive and enthusiastic mind-set about the conversation and the other person prior to beginning the discussion.

This seminar has helped me to acknowledge that I need to spend more time preparing for important discussions where I need to be persuasive. I will plan out the tools and techniques that I want to use and will craft a draft script for myself ahead of time.

I love Giselle’s energy and enthusiasm. She creates a high energy environment that makes me want to learn and to be a part of the seminar team. Her knowledge of the subject matter is also impressive. I walked away each day energized and excited to implement what I learned that day.

I enjoyed talking with the other participants. While we each are at different places in our journeys, we all face similar struggles. Listening to others, sharing stories and helping each other with our issues is mutually beneficial to all involved. The shared support and conversations were uplifting and gave me more insight into myself.

Barbara Quinones

Director of the Electric Utility, City of Homestead

The Influence for closing sales Seminar is Wonderful!! It is not easy, but growth requires effort! 

Giselle taught me that if I ask the right questions it will lead to a successful closing and that a better way to communicate is by expressing my message only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. I have also learned that if I ask more questions rather than statements it will help my message to be more engaging.

Giselle was able to really help me dig in to what is holding me back and to break out of my shell! I am incredibly excited to use my new acquired skills to help me ascend in my career. 

Karolina Bertoloni Souza

Realtor, Highlight Realty

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