Influence For Closing Sales

 Seminar Series


Are you ready to take your Sales Results to the next level?

With you in mind, we developed an outstanding Training Program to create an impact on the way you do business, close sales, influence yourself and the people around you. 

Through the Influence for Closing Sales Seminar Series, you will learn how to:

  • Raise your Sales skills to a whole new level;

  • Become a more effective communicator and develop relationships that can turn into business more often;

  • Influence prospects through an effective sales process and gain their commitment to buy;

  • Understand your internal resources (conscious and unconscious) and create behavioral change where needed

  • Succeed in today’s competitive market place;

  • Move from handling objections to providing certainty to the client, leading to a win-win negotiation;

  • Upgrade your business philosophy and lead the way through excellence, as you increase your income or revenue.

The Power of Influence

“The Power of Influence” seminar will start you on the journey of taking your ability to influence to a whole new level!

Through this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Access your own power of influence
  • Understand how the power of Influence can be your competitive advantage when closing sales

  • Distinguish verbal from non-verbal influence and how to use the power of each when communicating with others
  • Remove barriers that are holding you back from expanding your ability to influence and grow your clientele
  • Understand how powerful questions are the answer to successfully influence anyone
  • Overcome the three main barriers that prevent you from being able to influence
  • Find out how to use the game changer techniques for influence that will powerfully impact the way you do business and live your life!


Presentations that Sell

The “Presentations that sell” seminar is the ultimate tool that can allow you to:


  • Prepare yourself to present and sell successfully
  • Understand the difference between presenting and selling one-to-one compared to presenting and selling one-to- many
  • Engage and connect with your audience regardless of size
  • Learn the secret of coming across trustworthy and inspiring so others want to buy from you, instead of pressuring people to buy or worse, feeling fearful of asking for the business
  • Sell more successfully by using the reverse pathway to closing
  • Present with impact without depending on a Power-Point or computer
  • Enhance your self-confidence and increase your closing ratio

Learn how to use your presentation as a tool to strategically increase your sales!

Strategic Negotiation


The “Strategic Negotiation” seminar will start you on the journey of taking your ability to negotiate to a whole new level!

Through this seminar you will be able to:

  • Discover your power to negotiate strategically
  • Use systematic influence in negotiation – your ultimate tool to gain financial commitment



  • Understand conscious and unconscious process of your client’s purchase decision
  • Eliminate habits or behaviors that are sabotaging your ability to negotiate successfully and close more deals
  • Learn the key questions you need to have answered before the negotiation process starts, so you can gain competitive advantage
  • Position yourself to get what you want from a negotiation
  • Overcome the 10 most common mistakes when negotiating and increase your sales


Successful Closing

The “Successful Closing” seminar will start you on the journey of taking your ability to close deals to a whole new level!

Through this seminar you will learn how to:


  • Maximize your ability to close faster and more often
  • Shorten your sales cycle by using proven techniques that make clients ready to buy early in the process
  • Understand how to use ratios (conversion and closing ratios) to increase your financial success
  • Breakthrough fears and anxiety of asking for the business and increase your ability to close more deals
  •  Handle objections proactively and gain confidence to close
  • Avoid the 7 most common deal breakers so you can be ready to sell successfully
  • Uncover what’s behind your client’s inability to say “yes” to you as often as you want and turn this around, gaining your client’s commitment more frequently and successfully


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