“Influence for

closing sales”

4- Day Seminar 

Day-3 Strategic Negotiation

Isn’t it time for you to negotiate more strategically and close more deals with less effort?

Why does strategic negotiation matter?

Most people’s approach to negotiation is really spontaneous. By that I mean that they have the facts, they know their goals and they count on their experience as a professional to win over the other party’s arguments. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, except that it’s not the most effective. What’s left behind is the fact that you may be unprepared to counter offer or to still achieve your goals, when the other party throws an ace on the table that you were not expecting and you get caught off guard. When you become more strategic you become better prepared and therefore more successful.

What will you learn?


Use systematic influence in negotiation – your ultimate tool to gain financial commitment


Understand conscious and unconscious process of your client’s purchase decision


Eliminate habits or behaviors that are sabotaging your ability to negotiate successfully and close more deals


Learn the key questions you need to have answered before the negotiation process starts, so you can gain competitive advantage


Position yourself to get what you want from a negotiation


Overcome the 10 most common mistakes when negotiating and increase your sales



“Strategic Negotiation” is the ultimate tool that can allow you to: 


  • Develop successful agreements and understandings,
  • Influence others to work with you not against you,

  • Minimize your effort and maximize your ability to close deals,
  • Increase your level of financial success,
  • Shorten your sales cycle,
  • Avoid creating conflicts,
  • Increase level of communication with other parties,
  • Get more of what you want
  • Create agreements that will bring you more peace of mind
  • Grow and nurture long term business relationships
  • Achieve goals at a faster pace,
  • Choose the direction you move your life, instead of having others doing it for you!


Have you ever worked really hard to get to the point where you are negotiating terms, just to discover that the deal you thought you already had in hands is gone through the drain, because you didn’t know how to be strategic in your negotiation? Or worse, you didn’t even know what went wrong that made you lose the deal?


We all know that sales depend on statistics and numbers, most people say: “the more people you see, more chances you have to close a deal.” But have you ever thought how frustrating it is, to have to see more people because you don’t know how to be strategic in your negotiation therefore your closing ratio is low?


Did you know that most negotiations that don’t lead to a closing usually happen because of the inefficient communication strategy utilized by one party or another? Or both?


Can you imagine how much money and time you waste when you make so much effort to get to the negotiation table and walk away empty handed? Or with a way lower value deal than you expected? How terrible does that make you feel?

Join us at Influence for Closing Sales and become a better influencer!

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